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A cure for MS?

Dr. Terry Wahls, a Professor at the University of Iowa College, suffers from MS. In 2007 she was contrained to a chair and could barely walk twenty feet even with two crutches. Two years later she was able to ride 18 miles on her bike and her MS had all but disappeared. How? She completely changed the way she eats.Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes @healthsterling

This blog showcases what we think are the greatest ideas in health from conferences to tech revolutions to bioanimation. Today I invite you to take a quick peek at our philosophy plus an inside glance at some of the projects currently underway with Sterling Health. “I like your site..what is it that you do?” Our #1 FAQ.  Sterling Health builds…Continue Reading

BioDigital Human

Welcome to BioDigital Human, a remarkable project that NYU researchers presented and demonstrated at TEDMED.  As described by its founders, BioDigital Human is made such that Anatomical landmarks are paired with embedded education, instructive and training information.  BioDigital Human is the most intuitive way to organize and navigate medical information. Check out the video below.…Continue Reading

Alabama’s Largest Yoga Class

  (HUNTSVILLE, Al) On Saturday morning, April 28 from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m., Huntsville Botanical Garden will host Alabama’s Largest Yoga Class led by Katherine Orton as part of the Healthy Huntsville initiative in partnership with Sterling Health. Best of all, the class is absolutely FREE! Enjoy one of  Huntsville’s most beautiful locations as you…Continue Reading


How would you create the future of health? One approach is to gather 1,500 of the brightest game changers in one location for an epic four day event known as TEDMED. This extraordinary conference is like stepping into an alternate reality. Mingle in the social space among chief innovation officers of giants such as Philips,…Continue Reading

Avocado 101

A guest blog from our friends at Frunzi Farms about those little green wonders known as Avocados: There are close to 500 avocado varieties.  Can you believe it!?  Before we moved to this boutique farm (now known as Frunzi Farms), I never cared for the taste of an avocado.  The primary cultivar which one finds in…Continue Reading