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Peakfoods: a new way to know local

Yesterday while browsing the vast knowledge networks of Quora I discovered a brilliant new site called peakfoods.  Shared in response to the question “Where can I find information about what produce is in season and where it is grown?“, peakfoods turns out to have a rad story behind its design.  First, what is it?

Peakfoods is a visual database of foods that are in season now where you live. 

The site automatically detects location. Access from an iPhone and it acts just like a mobile app. Mouse over or tap the food to explore nutrition info, populated by USDA data, and recipes, which you can archive.  Recipes can be filtered for low sodium, no gluten, diabetes, low carb and no nuts.

Peakfoods is yet another side project success story.  It is created by Pete Petrash and Rick Sharp as a part of HiDef Inc’s CauseLabs Program, a platform for employees to try out new ideas with the potential for positive impact.

HiDef’s CauseLabs allows HiDef staff to champion social technology innovations from the inside out. Following a rigorous process, ideas receive votes, teams form, and the best products launch for social impact. The result? We keep our skills sharpened while producing valuable solutions for social needs.

We see such creative outcroppings frequently these days in the form of Google’s 20% time (responsible for gmail) and 3M’s 15% time.   Perhaps peakfoods will be the side project that inspires you to take action on your ideas.  Either way, this useful Farm to Table resource is an exciting find.  Let us know what you think and share your favorite local food hacks in the comments.

Behind the Scenes @healthsterling

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Introducing Healthy Huntsville

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Healthy Huntsville 2012

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Big Data on Flavor

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Foodie Chick Challenge: Become a Published Chef!

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