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Scientists Gamify Mapping the Brain

In 2011 the game foldit enabled the masses to solve scientific mysteries by discovering the structure of proteins.  Gamers solved an HIV enzyme riddle that had confounded scientists for a decade — in three weeks.  There’s a new science game in town, this time focused on understanding the human mind.

“Have you ever wondered why every person is unique? Could it be because our brains are wired differently? Our goal is to test this hypothesis by developing and applying technologies for finding connectomes, maps of connections between neurons.”

Neuroscientists at MIT, Harvard and several other Universities have come together to launch Wired Differently.  The project is described as a “‘citizen science’ community to test the hypothesis that the uniqueness of a person, from memories to mental disorders, lies in his or her connectome.”   This wonderful crowd-sourced project will empower anyone with an internet connection to help the world’s top neuroscientists organize hundreds of terabytes of data. You will even be able to play from an iPhone.
Check out Wired Differently Co-Founder Sebastian Seung’s TEDTalk for a more detailed description of the connectome and perhaps more importantly, why it matters.

Behind the Scenes @healthsterling

This blog showcases what we think are the greatest ideas in health from conferences to tech revolutions to bioanimation. Today I invite you to take a quick peek at our philosophy plus an inside glance at some of the projects currently underway with Sterling Health. “I like your site..what is it that you do?” Our #1 FAQ.  Sterling Health builds…Continue Reading


How would you create the future of health? One approach is to gather 1,500 of the brightest game changers in one location for an epic four day event known as TEDMED. This extraordinary conference is like stepping into an alternate reality. Mingle in the social space among chief innovation officers of giants such as Philips,…Continue Reading

Introducing Healthy Huntsville

We’re thrilled to announce a web tool that rewards you for living well.  Introducing Healthy Huntsville + DailyFeats. DailyFeats is a web and mobile platform that allows you to check-in positive behavior, get points and earn rewards that raise money for charity.  And it’s all free. DailyFeats helps you appreciate the positive actions you do each…Continue Reading

Healthy Huntsville 2012

Being healthy is not easy.  It takes work.  Eating well, exercising, managing stress  and remaining curious are learned habits that are easier when you have a community encouraging you.   With this in mind, we are proud to introduce Healthy Huntsville, the gamified, crowd-sourced, community health initiative brought you as a collaboration between HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and Sterling…Continue Reading


Maria Popova: a tour de force on the web whose mind you deserve to explore.   It comes in various formats, from Brainpickings to Curiosity Counts.  This fresh nimble Brooklynite soars the digital universe and compiles its most insightful content in a monster Twitter feed and remarkable weekly newsletter.  I suggest you subscribe immediately. Which brings me…Continue Reading

Big Data on Flavor

A new study by theoretical physicist and molecular gastronomist Sebastian Ahnert brings us closer to a scientific understanding of the delicious human accomplishment known as cooking.  Ahnert: “The cultural diversity of culinary practice, as illustrated by the variety of regional cuisines, raises the question of whether there are any general patterns that determine the ingredient combinations…Continue Reading

Introducing Sherpaa

Dr. Jay Parkinson, creator of hellohealth and The Future Well just launched another game changer in the health industry:  Sherpaa. “Say, for example, you cut your finger slicing a bagel a few minutes ago. You send us an email with a photo you just took with your iPhone. We look at it and then text it to our…Continue Reading