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How do Pain Relievers work?

Ever wondered how 2 tiny Advils can make a headache or sore muscles fade away?    TEDed, the new educational arm of TED, explains with a short, informative video.

Your body recognizes pain with nerve cells called nociceptors.  When nociceptors are triggered to fire (i.e. send a nerve impulse, known as an action potential), they cause a cascade of chemical reactions that result in the experience of pain.

One class of chemicals, called prostaglandins, plays a key role in the progression of this chemical reaction.  Drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin block prostaglandin, therefore preventing the remaining reaction cycle and as a consequence, pain.



Check out the full lesson here for a Quick Quiz, Thoughtful Questions and Dig Deeper resources.

A cure for MS?

Dr. Terry Wahls, a Professor at the University of Iowa College, suffers from MS. In 2007 she was contrained to a chair and could barely walk twenty feet even with two crutches. Two years later she was able to ride 18 miles on her bike and her MS had all but disappeared. How? She completely changed the way she eats.Continue Reading

BioDigital Human

Welcome to BioDigital Human, a remarkable project that NYU researchers presented and demonstrated at TEDMED.  As described by its founders, BioDigital Human is made such that Anatomical landmarks are paired with embedded education, instructive and training information.  BioDigital Human is the most intuitive way to organize and navigate medical information. Check out the video below.…Continue Reading

Introducing Healthy Huntsville

We’re thrilled to announce a web tool that rewards you for living well.  Introducing Healthy Huntsville + DailyFeats. DailyFeats is a web and mobile platform that allows you to check-in positive behavior, get points and earn rewards that raise money for charity.  And it’s all free. DailyFeats helps you appreciate the positive actions you do each…Continue Reading

How Your Brain Understands Space

Knowing where you are seems simple enough.  Then again.. “How do you remember where you parked your car? How do you know if you’re moving in the right direction? Neuroscientist Neil Burgess studies the neural mechanisms that map the space around us, and how they link to memory and imagination.” <object width=”526″ height=”374″> <param name=”movie”…Continue Reading

Harvard’s Inner Life of the Cell

Your body is made of about 100 trillion cells.  Ever wonder what happens inside one of them?  BioVisions, a beautiful series from Harvard University and XVIVO sets out to visualize the inner life of the cell.  This science fiction-esque video, “Powering the Cell:  Mitochondrion” is an accurate animated depiction of what happens in your body’s cellular…Continue Reading


Maria Popova: a tour de force on the web whose mind you deserve to explore.   It comes in various formats, from Brainpickings to Curiosity Counts.  This fresh nimble Brooklynite soars the digital universe and compiles its most insightful content in a monster Twitter feed and remarkable weekly newsletter.  I suggest you subscribe immediately. Which brings me…Continue Reading

Rethinking Medical Imagery

Corporations can fuel innovation.  Take, for example, a challenge set to designers at onformative by Actelion Pharmaceuticals. “Create a new identity for our brand Actelion. Don’t touch the logo, but create something the world of pharma has not seen before.” And that they did.  Check out the video below and Flickr gallery of medicine made beautiful.…Continue Reading