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Business Innovation Factory

The seventh annual Business Innovation Factory (BIF-7) took place Sept 20-21, 2011 in Providence, RI.  This TED-esque event invited dozens of presenters from a variety of fields to share their story in 15 minutes or less.  Brilliantly executed and stacked with industry-leading experts, BIF-7 was a great place to meet people of diverse professions that we might not normally have come into contact with.   This curious blend of individuals lead to unexpected networking and the generation of several big new ideas.

BIF featured so many intriguing presenters and attendees that we’ve decided to do a feature series.  Stay tuned as we release weekly interview/conversations with some of the best presenters, including:

Daniel Pink author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

Byron Reeves of Seriosity and Stanford University

Matthew Moniz 14 year old mountain climber, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 

Mallika Chopra, Deepok Chopra’s daughter and founder of Intent.com

Andrew Losowsky creates experiences.

Jon Cropper of FuturLogic.

Whitney Johnson of HBR

Eva Timothy of Lost in Learning, photographer of the image below.

“The beauty of making your dreams come true is that you can then dream again, bigger,”

Eva Timothy