Introducing Sherpaa

Dr. Jay Parkinson, creator of hellohealth and The Future Well just launched another game changer in the health industry:  Sherpaa.

“Say, for example, you cut your finger slicing a bagel a few minutes ago. You send us an email with a photo you just took with your iPhone. We look at it and then text it to our network of plastic surgeons in the area to see who has the bandwidth to sew you up in the next hour or so.”

Jay introduces the idea with a real example of an appendicitis that took place at a state-of-the-art surgery center on Park Avenue.  Doctors are able to reduce costs dramatically by owning and operating multi-purpose medical facilities that bypass the shockingly high overhead charged by traditional hospital ERs.  In this instance, the patient received a laproscopic appendectomy in a spa-like facility, was on his way home in three hours, and his insurance company was billed 52% less than the same procedure by a hospital.

Dr. Parkingson explains the origins of the project below:

“A few weeks ago, I received an email from a friend of a friend who was complaining of a few hours worth of worsening belly pain. I was worried it might be appendicitis. I forwarded the email to my personal friend Dr. X who is a well-trained and super likeable general surgeon with a beautiful office overlooking Union Square. I reiterated that this might be appendicitis. I texted him that I sent him the details. He texted back, “Send him right over.” I texted the friend of a friend and told him to go immediately to Dr. X. He did. Dr. X examined him and was also worried. Dr. X has recently been operating at a new outpatient surgical center on Park Ave. It has a CT scanner. Dr. X sent the patient to the center, told them to get a CT, and, if it’s positive, to set up an operating room for him. He could be there in a half hour. The CT was positive and a room was set up. Dr. X performed the laparascopic appendectomy without complications and the patient was sent home on oral antibiotics three hours later. Dr. X billed the insurance company $47,000. The insurance company called him the next day to ask why his bill was so small. Dr. X’s previous laparascopic appendectomies while operating at the high overhead, massive traditional institution, Y Hospital, was around $110,000, for which, Dr. X is paid $1500. The rest of that money goes toward Y Hospital’s overhead. Because of the low-overhead and business arrangement at the new Park Avenue Surgical Center, Dr. X kept 52% of $47,000.”

This program is currently only available in NYC.  We look forward to the day that physician-created health tools become more mainstream.  Until Sherpaa makes it to your community, encourage physicians to contact Jay Parkinson and join the movement to rethink medicine.

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