Healthy living is our passion.

We strive to stay informed on current medical/health topics, find creative solutions for health concerns, and educated consumers and clients about health information. We focus particularly on those related to prevention, achieving a healthy lifestyle and product ingredients. We work with individual and community wellness initiatives to educate and motivate people to make lifestyle choices wisely.

We specialize in:
· Customized wellness programs for individuals, corporations, and communities
· Artisan~crafted luxury living body and home products, hand poured in Huntsville, Alabama

Sterling Health has two areas of focus:

Sterling Health and Wellness

 Sterling Lifestyle Boutique.

Creative and skillful Artisan employees joyfully design, craft, hand pour and package each Sterling product as if it were a gift for a special friend. Sterling Health uses only the highest quality ingredients and standards and sustainable sources. Made in Huntsville, Alabama.