7 Minute Superworkout

Supercharged workouts a la Cross Fit have taken the health scene by storm.

The number one request we hear during wellness consultations is for condensed workouts (and recipes) that save time and bust adipose.  I recommend circuit training because it actually trains your body to be more effective at moderating metabolism.  These incremental training sessions oscillate between short bursts of intense activity and longer recovery periods.  Think 20 seconds running full speed, 45 seconds walking and repeat 10 times.  Effective circuit workouts can be completed in under 20 minutes.

For something lighter and equally invigorating, try short bits of activity.   Check out Dr. Oz’s 7 minute morning workout below.  Even small bouts of movement can boost your metabolism for hours.

Strength, balance, flexibility and core training, compliments of Dr. Oz.


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