The future of joint replacement

“Arthritis and injury grind down millions of joints, but few get the best remedy — real biological tissue. Kevin Stone shows a treatment that could sidestep the high costs and donor shortfall of human-to-human transplants with a novel use of animal tissue.” via TED

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Elizabeth Banks goes red

Super moms, time to take care of yourself! ¬†Elizabeth Banks¬†directs and stars in this 2 minute heart attack humor video (they’re serious, but sometimes it takes a laugh to get your attention) from Go Red for Women from the American Heart Association.  

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Playground Locator

    Active kids are healthy kids. We just discovered Kaboom, a fun resource for parents, teachers, and really anyone with a sense of play. They are building a list of all the playgrounds in the USA – complete with ratings and reviews. We searched our zipcode, 35801, which turned up 312 matches! Try yours!

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