Introducing Healthy Huntsville

We’re thrilled to announce a web tool that rewards you for living well.  Introducing Healthy Huntsville + DailyFeats.

DailyFeats is a web and mobile platform that allows you to check-in positive behavior, get points and earn rewards that raise money for charity.  And it’s all free.

DailyFeats helps you appreciate the positive actions you do each day.  It also makes it easier to pick up new habits such as eating more veggies and stretching in the morning.  Register on the web and download the free iPhone app by searching “Daily Feats” and entering promo codehealthyhsv100.  Join our 30 day challenge and you’re on your way to rewards for good health.  You even get a 200 point bonus just for signing up.

Browse feats, challenges, create Lists (custom goals you create by combining feats) and check-in to earn points.  Get bonus points when friends join and you even have the option to share on Facebook and Twitter.

DailyFeats helps you take action, make progress and get rewards.  That’s right.  Your points can be cashed in for charitable donations or wishlist rewards such as Amazon or Starbucks gift cards!

We are delighted to offer DailyFeats as a part of Healthy Huntsville, absolutely free.  Want to know more?  Join us tonight for a special Q&A session at 6:00 pm at Sterling Health and Wellness, located at 409 Saint Clair Ave.  We will be posting a demo video of the site soon, so for now check out our appearance on WAAY31 News below.  We encourage you to explore the site and let us know what you think!

Other events this week:

On Thursday, Jeidi Pippins will host a free circuit training workout at Big Spring Park.  Experience the high-intensity short duration workouts that melt calories and best of all shrink gym time down to 15 minutes flat.  Difficulty: moderate.  Be prepared to sweat!

Visit to sign up and start earning rewards for living well.

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