Introducing the HOPE Candle

hope candleWe at Sterling Health, like so many others, have been personally touched by cancer in many ways. Surviors, and loved ones alike, we believe that HOPE is vital and it is also beautiful.

The HOPE candle was thoughtfully designed, hand poured, and small batch crafted with high quality, sustainable ingredients in Huntsville, Alabama. We created a unique scent using fragrances and essential oils such as bergamot, neroli, jasmine, orange, cedarwood and fir. These were chosen for their lovely scents as well as their abilities to encourage feelings of increased calmness, refreshed energy, renewed confidence and joy while discouraging feelings of stress, anger, and fear. We believe this describes HOPE.

Please consider bringing a HOPE candle into your life and join Sterling Health in supporting the American Cancer Society/South Region in providing HOPE to cancer patients, survivors, and all who love them.

100% of HOPE Candle net proceeds go to American Cancer Society/ South Region