About Sterling Health

Sterling Health’s vision is to create a healthcare and wellness resource that individualizes and revolutionizes the way health is achieved.  We are founded on science, collaboration and opening ideas.

We brainstorm with organizations ranging from medical centers to research institutes; and reach out to people from executives to patients.  We redesign the delivery of health and welcome your insight and participation in the conversation.   .

Sterling Health is a founding partner of Healthy City, which was piloted as Healthy Huntsville.  We organized a partnership with DailyFeats, a state of the art positive psychology gamification with a free app that allows participants to "take action, make progress and get rewards" for living well.

Healthy City is a crowd-sourced series of 100 free events designed to build a community around healthy behavior.  We call what we do "health promotion" because wellness and prevention are an external benefit of a healthy, happy life well-lived.  Events range from fitness classes to cooking demos; TEDTalk screenings and seminar series.

Our philosophy is that health and wellness are more than just health.  They are your life.  We design systems that empower individuals, groups, governments and businesses to play a leadership role in creating a better community.  Because in our experience, thinking together is the best way to accelerate innovative progress toward a healthier, happier world.   Contact us for more information or to find out about scale this health and wellness program in your community.