How would you create the future of health? One approach is to gather 1,500 of the brightest game changers in one location for an epic four day event known as TEDMED. This extraordinary conference is like stepping into an alternate reality. Mingle in the social space among chief innovation officers of giants such as Philips, Booz | Allen | Hamilton and Johnson & Johnson. Introduce yourself to fellow attendees and before you know it you’re brainstorming with the Director of the NIH or President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The greatest value of TEDMED – “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – is the people. Talking to strangers is encouraged, if not mandatory. TEDMED fuels my optimism that the coming years will be beyond imagination. Ideas happen here.


For example, over the past day and a half we learned about BioDigital Human, a free 3D anatomy tool created by NYU Medical School. Think of it as Google Body on steroids.


HBO announced The Weight of ,the Nation, a landmark hybrid 4 part documentary and public health program airing May 14-15, which aims to build a culture around living well. Check out the trailer and consider hosting a screening.


Cookie Monster made and appearance with ultra marathoner Scott Jurek. Yes, I do mean the blue creature from Sesame Street. U.S. Chief Technolgy Officer Todd Park shared visions of health collaborations and enlightened us with real progress toward overhauling healthcare from a volume-based pay-for-service system into a prevention-centric pay-for-value ecosystem. Innov8 in Cincinatti showcases this crowd-sourced idea vision in action. Albert-Lásló Barabasi , the creator of the crucial scientific concept scale-free networks, shared the paradigm-shifting idea of the creating a map or “instruction chart” for the immensely complex systems present in biological systems. The future starts today.

The key to solving big problems seems to rest in sharing ideas. Radical openness and uninhibited brainstorming not only create opportunities out of obstacles, but also facilitate the development great minds. Minds, after all, are the most valuable human asset. Fueled by the interactive experience of life we give rise to ideas and collaborations; actions and implementations. Scale the innovation created by TEDMED presenters into a social context and mankind’s capacity to change the world seems limitless. It doesn’t have to stop at TEDMED. It is actually just the beginning. Sterling Health invites you to share your big questions (the best questions lead to more questions). How would you change the world? Why do you care? What would you ask a TEDMED attendee?

Albert Einstein brilliantly stated that “imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” We must dream the future before we can create it. Join the conversation and help create a healthier, happier world.

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