TEDTalk: How to see inside the brain

How do we know what happens in the brain?

Technology and a little color turn out to be a great place to start.  Thanks to advancements in staining and imaging technoques, neuroscientists can make neurons show and glow.  Harvard researcher Jeff Lichtman has even modified a mouse to have a rainbow brain.   Today’s 5 minute TEDTalk by Carl Schoonover takes us on a brief journey through history before looking into the future of how we see what makes you who you are: the brain.


There have been remarkable advances in understanding the brain, but how do you actually study the neurons inside it? Using gorgeous imagery, neuroscientist and TED Fellow Carl Schoonover shows the tools that let us see inside our brains.

Carl Schoonover is a neuroscientist and one of the founders of NeuWrite, a collaboration between writers and neuroscientist.


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