Y water

Fans of design + function,  meet  Y Water.

“Y water is a new concept of children’s beverage. It’s an organic, low calorie, and functional drink. Y water is also the beginning of the next generation of green. Not only are the bottles 100% recyclable, they are 100% reusable as a creative developmental aid.”

Check out this TEDTalk from Y water designer Yves Behar.

Sweet! Perfect for kids (and their parents).  We even used it to make a mixed cocktail.  Creativity!  The brain water must be working.

This pyramid-shaped hydration tool is comes in 4 varieties, each combining a unique blend of organic nutrients.

Brain Water:  zinc, B6 and B12, molybdenum.

Bone Water: vitamins A, C and D; calcium and iron

Muscle Water: vitamin A, C; potassium, magnesium, selenium

Immune Water: vitamin A, C, E and B6; rich in antioxidants

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